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welcome to the website of Edutus College.

The predecessor of Edutus College, the College for Modern Business Studies, was established in 1992 in Tatabánya. It was the first non-state-owned business college in Hungary.


During its more than 25 years of existence, the College went through several changes: the Tatabánya-based school was extended with a campus in Budapest in 1995, then in 1998 with another one in Odorhellen (Székelyudvarhely), Transylvania. In 2017 we launched our training program in Sümeg, in the Community Higher Education Center, we established an educational center called Civitas Sapiens in Tata and we are planning further expansions in the future. In the meantime, we are also expanding our portfolio of training programs too. Our BSc and tertiary vocational training programs were extended with an MSc program in marketing in 2010, then – with our merger with János Harsányi College – with a BSc program in tourism and hospitality. With this move we became an affiliate member – the only one among the higher educational institutions in Hungary – in the number one tourism organization, the Madrid-based United Nations World Tourism Organization.

In Tatabánya – besides the business study programs (trade and marketing, business administration and management, international business economics) – technical training programs also started to develop and flourish when the technical management and mechatronics programs were launched. The scope of technical training programs will be complemented by a technical higher education vocational and a technical master's degree program from 2018.

The College provides international level research, education and the application of marketable technologies with its fully equipped laboratories, including our laser lab and passive house. The institution also places great emphasis on encouraging young people to be interested in technical and engineering sciences, as well as on talent fostering. An outstanding tool to do so is to organize robot programming competitions: the College has won the right to be the national organizer of WRO™ (World Robot Olympiad™), and it is also the organizer of the international FLL™ (First Lego League™) regional competition.

As a non-state-owned higher educational institution recognized by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee we do our best, and provide our fresh graduates excellent chances in the labor market. With our constantly renewing offer of specializations in our training programs (e.g. castle truism, SSC specialist, content marketing, innovative businesses, e-business, facility management, and laser technologies) we provide our students with knowledge and competences which can be directly utilized in practice. By launching dual study programs in 2017 we further strengthen the practice-oriented approach which has always characterized the College.

With support from the ERASMUS program of TEMPUS Public Foundation, the College has more than 50 foreign partners, so as a result, our students take part in trainings and internship programs abroad, and the number of foreign students studying at our institution in the framework of the program increases year by year. We annually organize our International Week, when six-eight foreign visiting professors hold different courses, in which our students, as well as students from our foreign partners, can participate.

Edutus is a student-oriented college, not only due to its size, but because students and teachers have a close and personal relationship. We also have special programs to help professional sportspeople and students with special needs in their studies.

Our services to our students include tuition waivers and a program where they can work to finance their studies. We also introduced webinars to provide our students with online help in their studies.

The strategic goal of the College is to become a university of applied sciences, so that in the future by providing high-quality higher educational services as the university of Komárom-Esztergom county we could contribute to the development of scientific, cultural and economic life in the region.

We hope to welcome you among our students.


Dr. Andrea Némethné Gál

acting rector